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Do prices include shelves?

Yes, all units priced on the web site include glass or perspex and UK mainland delivery, next day service as standard.

Can I buy just the framework components only?

Yes, standard abstracta units can be purchased as framework only components, allowing you to supply your own shelves/panels. We can also make up framework to fit any existing panels or shelves you may already have.

Can standard units be extended/reduced?

Yes, all standard units can be extended or reduced infinitely by number of bay sections. Increase depths or gaps between shelves by choosing different tube lengths, these are then easily assembled & can be ordered at time of purchase or added later as spares. Maximum bay width is 80cm metre. For a wider bay try our 19mm grade framework. ( please request details on reply form).

How much weight can abstracta support?

Weight evenly spread on shelves assuming toughened glass 5/6mm thick, approx. 20kg load is easily withstanding. 8/10mm toughened glass may support 35kg. Wooden panels 12mm /15mm thick. are the same as 8/10mm glass. Weight evenly spread on abstracta framework, standard 13mm grade, up to 40kg, before tubes will bend or distort heavier 19mm grade can support the weight of a 100kg man. Weight on shelves; assuming toughened glass 5/6mm thick, approx. 20kg load is easily withstanding. 7/10mm toughened glass may support 25/30kg including wooden panels 12mm /15mm thick.

Can I hire abstracta?

Yes, abstracta units can be hired by the day (minimum period of 48 hrs).

Can you build my unit for me?

Pre-assembled units are available for collection, otherwise all units are supplied flatpak with instructions for you to build yourself. We can on most occasions deliver and erect to a shop, showroom or exhibition, there is an extra charge, based on location.

What accessories are available for abstracta?

Lighting, graphics, and frosted or mirror glass panels are available and are easily clipped into position. Please ask for details. Make abstracta mobile by adding castors (lockable) to transform the flexibilty of your units. Clips to fix units to walls or join to other structures are easily available.


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